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Water Damage Claim

Water Damage Insurance Claim Help


Water damage insurance claims are the most frequently reported kind of property claim often causing the greatest exposure to insurance companies. Due to the vast number of claims reported, denials from insurance companies are frequent which leaves property owners with not enough money to rebuild their homes and businesses to pre-loss conditions.

If you have a homeowner or business claim, it's your right as a consumer to engage a public adjuster to help you with your insurance claim.

Water damage claims can be complex and challenging to document, even for a seasoned claims professional. Many claims require technical and specialized equipment to substantiate and document, and therein is the reason why many of these claims are incorrectly denied or underpaid by insurance companies, and even improperly handled and adjusted by public adjusters who lack experience & resources.

Water Damage Claim Tips

If your insurance company has accepted liability for your water damage claim, here are basic tips to ensure progression of your claim:
  • Request a certified copy of your insurance policy. Your policy will explain what is and what is not covered, as well as when the mold provisions and limitations of your policy should take effect. Be proactive.

  • Hire an independent company to mitigate damages and dry out your property. DO NOT authorize any restoration or rebuild work to commence until you and your insurance company have agreed to the scope, or value, of your loss.

  • Obtain two or three independent damage estimates to gauge the actual cost to restore your your property to its pre-loss condition. Contact a licensed general contractor in your area.

  • Photograph and video all damages. If it’s necessary to begin “tear out” save samples of dry wall, flooring and other materials.

  • Contact a trusted public adjuster if your claim has not progressed at an acceptable pace.

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Water Damage Claim Denied?


Insurance companies most often deny water damage claims based on the allegation that the damages resulted from an inevitable or preventable maintenance issue. The independent adjuster from your insurance company has a duty and obligation to thoroughly investigate your claim. The investigation should include the use of infrared cameras and moisture meters to detect and substantiate the full extent of damage.

In our experience, a thorough investigation into the full scope of water damage will point to damage that often times should be covered under the policy of insurance. If your claim has been denied in-part or in-full, it’s to your benefit to consult with an experienced public adjuster who can provide you an unbiased assessment of your claim and damages as soon as possible. The earlier you get professional claim help, the better.

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