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Fire damage from the use of space heaters are an all-too-common occurrence during fire months. As property owners nationwide prepare to face their share of cold weather, The Public Adjusters warn property owners that the danger of fires from space heaters rises as the temperature drops. Homeowners should take proper precautions to lessen the risk of fire loss.

Space heaters have made a comeback as an inexpensive heating option, and often play a role in fire losses during the cold dry days of winter. Ronald Delo, President of the public adjuster firm The Public Adjusters, offers simple advice to drastically reduce the risk of fire damage from portable heating devices.

Reduce Your Risk of Fire Damage

  • Check the device for frayed wires before use.
  • Never overload a plug socket or use an extension cord for power.
  • And most importantly, never use the portable heating device overnight or unattended.

According to Delo, circuit overloads have also proven to be common winter weather mishaps as homeowners increase their use of electricity, lights and heat during the holidays. He said that his firm has represented several people with fire insurance claims that originated from space heaters.

“Although space heaters are an affordable way to heat a home or business during these cold months, people should use extreme caution and take precautions to prevent a fire loss from space heaters. We have seen firsthand the destruction caused by misuse or overuse of these devices. My recommendation is to minimize the use of space heaters during the winter months and always, make certain you are properly insured,” said Delo.

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