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A Texas public adjuster happily delivered a $143,000 settlement increase to a Galveston County property owner.  After nearly one year waiting on insurance settlements some people with Hurricane Ike insurance claims are beginning to finally hear some good news with help from public insurance adjusters.

The Galveston County property owner was offered $58,000 for the wind damage sustained from Hurricane Ike.  The intense storm made landfall in the early morning hours of September 13, 2008, and has been tagged as the third most costly hurricane in our nation’s history.  Dissatisfied with the amount he was offered, the owner sought the services of The Public Adjusters to assist him in addressing issues surrounding his claim.

Thorough Investigations Mean Increased Settlements

“I was out of my league dealing with these adjusters and insurance company executives,” said the homeowner. “I knew that their offer wasn’t fair and I wouldn’t be able to rebuild my home with that amount of money.”

The public adjuster firm with operations in Houston reviewed owner’s claim package which lead to hidden damages that had not been included by the insurance company adjuster.  “Several additional areas of the structure had sustained damages,” said Ronald Delo, President of The Public Adjusters.  “A complete inspection made of the property, along with the insurance company’s representative, brought these items into discussion. A thorough investigation almost always means increased in settlement amounts.”

Because of intense training, years of experience, and diligent attention to detail, the Texas public adjuster was able to increase the settlement to $201,000, which enabled the property owners to rebuild their home and return to their normal standard of living.

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