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Our public adjusters make sure you receive the largest and quickest insurance claim settlement possible. And, we work harder than your insurance company’s adjuster to make that happen. 

When disaster strikes your home or business, it can leave you feeling powerless. The damage and loss is devastating. At a time like this, you need more than an insurance company adjuster. You need a powerful partner who can put you on the path to recovery and walk with you all the way. You need The Public Adjusters.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Our Public Adjusters Ensure Fast and Accurate Settlements

Since 1992 Public Adjusters in Florida, Texas and beyond has represented more than 10,000 policyholders with homeowner and business insurance claims. Our teams of public adjusters, property damage appraisers and claim consultants regularly obtain settlements higher than 400% of the insurance company’s original offer. 

We help people just like you win fast and fair settlements for water damage insurance claims, fire damage insurance claims, hurricane damage claims and all other insured property insurance claims.

The insurance company’s independent adjusters’ job is to minimize the expense for the insurance company, not to maximize the reimbursement for you. We level the playing field to ensure you receive every penny you’re entitled to collect. Take a look at some of our recent settlement increases.

Our Approach to Property
Insurance Claims

The Public Adjusters will commit an entire team of experts to your case including licensed and bonded public adjusters, property damage appraisers, building engineers, cost and valuation experts, construction consultants, financial consultants and contents specialists in order to provide the most comprehensive data to support your claim’s documentation. 

In most cases there’s a significant difference between what the insurance company OFFERS and what they contractually SHOULD pay. We investigate, document, estimate and compile the most comprehensive claim package that allows us to show the insurance company what they owe you, rather than allowing the insurance company to dictate the pace and settlement of the claim. This ensures the quickest and most accurate settlement.

Our public adjusters are licensed and bonded in Florida, Texas and 15 other states. 

Our Approach to Property Insurance Claims


Our Public Adjusters Ensure Fast and Accurate Settlements



You are Important to Us

At The Public Adjusters, our clients are not just cases. We see more than damaged property or an insurance claim. We see people struggling with loss and the possibilities of their recovery. We see business restored to their former condition and families living happily in homes filled with belongings they cherish. Our team understands that preparing the best possible claim package is only part of the support you’ll need to get there. That’s why we promise to be available every step of the way to answer your questions, keep you informed and build up your will to bounce back. Our public insurance adjusters provide insurance claim help for homeowner claims and business claims which have resulted from insured perils.

Licensed and bonded public adjusters in Florida, Texas, Georgia, California, Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia.

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