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Tampa Public Adjuster Wins $20,000 Increase for Water Damage Claim


A heavy storm caused water damage and roof damage to an auto repair shop located in Tampa. The shop’s owner filed a claim and was offered a $15,000 settlement to repair the roof and no settlement was made for the water damages caused to the interior of the shop. The shop’s owner realized she needed professional insurance claim help and hired The Public Adjusters in Tampa.

Through the use of moisture mapping technology, our public adjuster documented the widespread water damage affecting the business’s offices and an upstairs storage area. He determined and compiled evidence that showed that the drywall inside the office and the tile floors upstairs needed to be replaced completely. The total estimate to repair the water damage inside of the shop was $16,000.

The insurance company adjuster quickly agreed with our analysis and agreed to pay the insured for the all of the water damage we documented--$16,000. In addition, our public adjuster uncovered hard-to-find roof damage unnoticed by the insurance company’s independent adjuster. The final cost to repair the roof was $19,000 – a $4,000 increase from the insurance company’s initial offer.

Water Damage Insurance Claims Are Tricky to Document

Independent adjusters often misdiagnose or overlook costly and extensive damages due to lack of experience or not conducting a thorough investigation of damage. This happens frequently with water damage insurance claims as well as storm and roof-related insurance claims.

We leverage decades of experience and use state-of-the-art imaging equipment, ensuring a quicker claim process and more accurate claim settlement for our clients. It’s your right as a consumer to have your water damage insurance claim quickly and accurately valued. We can help.

If you’re a property owner with that needs insurance claim help, our public adjusters in Tampa, Texas, South Carolina and throughout 15 are standing by and ready to progress your claim to a quick and accurate settlement.

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