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Hurricane victims throughout the Gulf Coast have taken advantage of re-opening hurricane claims that were previously denied or underpaid by insurance companies. Many claimants are using the services of public adjusters located in Mississippi and Louisiana to assist them.

Ronald Delo, President of The Public Adjusters, said that his office has received calls from property owners who are unable to restore or rebuild their properties to pre-loss conditions due to low settlements from their insurance companies. He said that many insurance companies did not retain the services of  experts or engineers to evaluate wind/flood causation issues which resulted in claims being denied and underpaid.

Re-Opening a Claim Has Time Constraints

“There is certain policy language and time limitations that enable claimants to take advantage of reopening hurricane claims if  undiscovered damages or policy entitlements were not addressed by independent adjusters from insurance companies,” said Delo.

Time constraints for taking advantage of reopening hurricane claims range from 1 to 5 years depending on the state in which the claim was filed.

Claimants should consult with a trusted and experienced public adjuster to determine if the hurricane insurance claim was properly adjusted and accurately paid.