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Should I Use a Public Adjuster?

Does Using a Public Adjuster Make Sense?


An article on CNN Money about property damage resulting from tornadoes, hurricanes and fire noted that using a public adjuster could be the right decision in certain loss situations.

Filing a home insurance claim or business claim can involve foreign and complex responsibilities which , if mishandled, could jeopardize precious time, money and the future wellbeing of a home or business. The stress and time associated with insurance claim process causes many policyholders to question if they should use a public insurance adjuster.

Will hiring a public adjuster increase a claim settlement and ease the insurance claim process? Maybe. While most states such as Florida and Texas allow claimants to engage their own private insurance adjuster to help document and negotiate property insurance claims, there are situations when it doesn’t make financial or practical sense to hire one.

When to Avoid Hiring A Public Adjuster


A public insurance adjuster can be hired to provide claim documentation and negotiation for several types of insured losses such water damage claims, fire insurance claims, a hurricane damage claim or any other insured loss.

It does not make practical or financial sense to hire a public insurance adjuster for any claim type if the:

  • Insurance carrier has not denied or underpaid the insurance claim.

  • Insurance claim for property damage is less than $20,000 to $25,000

  • Claimant has time to allocate towards the day-to-day management of the insurance claim.

  • Claim is progressing at an consistent and acceptable pace towards settlement.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

As with engaging the help of any kind of professional, it’s imperative to interview each potential public adjuster, verify licensing, speak to past clients and hire the most experienced candidate.

If you need help deciding if hiring your own adjuster is the right choice for your property insurance claim, give us a call or contact us. A public adjuster is available to answer questions and provide free claim help 24 hours a day.


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