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Public Adjuster Wins $107,200 Increase for Hurricane Claim


One of the most devastating storms in recent memory, Hurricane Sandy, caused extensive damage to a home on New Jersey’s South Shore. Due to the storm’s impact, the homeowner was forced to wait nearly a month for an insurance company adjuster to inspect the damage at which point she was just $84,700 to rebuild the home. Frustrated with the claim process, the property owner hired a public adjuster to handle the claim to settlement.

The Public Adjusters’ claim team included not only a public adjuster and property damage appraiser, but also a contents specialist. The team worked quickly to meticulously evaluate damaged items that went undervalued and overlooked by the insurance company, uncovering structural damage inconsistent with the insurance independent adjuster’s estimate.

A final hurricane claim settlement of $191,900 was agreed upon soon after. Not only did the settlement result in a $48,000 increase for the home, but it also accounted for $57,900 for damaged personal property items the insurance company offered nothing upon the initial assessment for hurricane damage.

Professional Public Adjusters at Your Service

When natural disasters strike, it’s more important than ever to have a dedicated public adjuster conduct in-depth assessments that leave no stone unturned. It’s your right to receive an accurate and timely settlement that reflects the value of your hurricane insurance claim.

It’s your claim. Take charge of it. If you’re a property owner with a hurricane damage claim, our specially trained hurricane adjusters in New Jersey, Florida and throughout 15 other states can help you win a fast and fair settlement.

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