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Public Adjuster Services

Professional Insurance Claim Help


Engaging the services of public adjuster is the only way to get insurance claim help from a licensed and certified insurance professional who is on your side.If you want a bigger and better settlement from your insurance company, if you want enough money to rebuild and recover, then you need professional insurance claim help from The Public Adjusters.

We can help property owners who need insurance claim help with hurricane insurance claims, windstorm insurance claims, fire insurance claims, water damage insurance claims, flood claims and all other insured losses.

Call The Public Adjusters for insurance claim help anytime:
  • As soon as the damage occurs

  • During the claims process

  • After a claim is denied

  • After receiving a bad settlement

Our Public Adjuster Services Include:

  • Accurate estimation of your damage and loss

  • Analysis, interpretation and explanation of your insurance policy

  • Full support your claim with documentation and expert opinion reports

  • Management of your claim to include daily communication and all claim tasks

  • Effective claim presentation and negotiation of your settlement

  • ...all while you focus on restoring your everyday routine.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

We have a 100% success rate winning larger settlements for people just like you. If we can’t win you a bigger settlement, you won’t pay us a dime.

Let Us Guide Your Claim to Quick Resolution.


If you have a homeowner or business insurance claim our public adjuster firm can win you a fast and accurate settlement. Our property damage appraisers, loss consultants and public adjusters work only for YOU, not the insurance company, to maximize your property insurance claim settlement.

Since 1992, The Public Adjusters has successfully helped thousands of home and business owners in Florida, Houston and 16 other states obtain accurate settlements. Although 'public adjusters' are not recognized in some states such as in Alabama, our firm's can be hired A property damage insurance appraisers when a dispute arises during the claims process.

If you're claim is not settling as quickly as it should, if you've been offered a lower-than-expected settlement or if you're overwhelmed and confused with the claims process then we can help. We will guide your claim to a fast and accurate settlement so you can recover, rebuild and move on in the quickest manner possible.


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