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Public Adjuster Reverses Denied Fire Claim in Florida


Following an apartment complex fire in Sarasota, Florida, a quarter of the units suffered extensive fire, smoke and water damage. The complex’s owner expected a quick resolution from the insurance company; however, the independent adjuster determined that the fire damage did not meet the deductible and the fire claim was denied.

Following the claim’s denial, The Public Adjusters in Florida was hired on behalf of the insured to perform public adjusting services for the claim. Our public adjuster teamed with a construction consultant and property damage appraiser to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the all the fire and smoke damage sustained to the property.

A recent modification in building code, coupled with a misinterpretation of a provision in the owner’s policy, proved that the business claim for fire and smoke damage were in excess of the deductible. The public adjuster also submitted a claim to address the loss of rent that followed the fire.

This in-depth analysis resulted in a payment of $212,856.72 for damages to the building and loss of rent.

Fire Claim Process Can Be Complex

Fire damage claims can be complex to document and often times the amount of documentation required is overwhelming for most property owners. The fire claim process is inherently complex to navigate, even for an experienced public adjuster. While most people follow the lead of the insurance company that often times comes with a downside risk. Negligent denial or underpayment of fire damage claims happens all too often.

It’s your claim. Take charge of it. If you’re a property owner with a fire insurance claim, our public adjusters in Houston and throughout Florida and 16 other states can help you win a fast and fair settlement.

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