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Public Adjuster Increases Minnesota Fire Claim by $50,000


A St. Paul, Minnesota, husband and wife lost their home and most of their belongings due to an electrical fire. The family anticipated receiving policy limits for all coverage but was only offered a $50,000 settlement for their fire insurance claim. After months of delays with the fire claim process, they sought claim help from The Public Adjusters.

Six months after the home was destroyed, our property damage appraiser and public adjuster were hired and quickly got to work. The team completely reconstructed the personal property inventory, providing extensive supporting data, which forced the insurance company to render policy limits of $104,500.

In addition, public adjuster and property damage appraiser uncovered an additional $9,000 in coverage for debris removal and landscaping related to the fire claim. The insurance company’s independent adjuster never explained or offered this coverage to the insured despite it being rightfully due to the client during the process of the claim.

Fire Insurance Policy Benefits – Check Them!

This couple’s fire insurance policy included a provision pertaining to the deducible. The public adjuster from our firm felt the provision required the insurance company to subtract the deductible from the total amount of the loss, rather than have it serve as payment under the policy. After meeting with their legal counsel, the insurance company agreed with our adjuster’s interpretation of the policy language, resulting in approximately $5,000 more going to our client for their fire insurance claim.

Did you know that most fire insurance policies allow for a homeowner or business owner to collect up to 35 percent above policy limits if your loss is determined to be a “total loss?” Independent insurance adjusters from insurance companies often overlook provisions in your policy that you’re entitled to collect. We leverage decades of experience interpreting policy language and know just how to navigate the complex fire claim process to win you every penny you’re entitled to collect.

It’s your claim. Take charge of it. If you have a homeowner or business fire insurance claim, our public adjusters in Minnesota, Florida, Texas and throughout 14 other states can help you win a fast and fair settlement.

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