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Hurricane damage claims are not always easy to decipher if you aren’t in the restoration or insurance claim industries. Too often, more questions remain unanswered than answered. It usually boils down to the two most important questions:

  • Were you reimbursed as much as you should have been by your insurance company and its adjuster?

  • How would you know if you weren’t paid enough for your insurance claim?

A CNN article that noted “tornado victims could face a long haul with insurers” sheds lights on an all-too-common practice of how insurance companies handle the insurance claim process after storm-related events.

“Hurricane Claim Adjuster”

During storm and an active hurricane season our office often receives calls from policyholders wanting to hire a “hurricane claim adjuster.”

There are two main types of insurance claim adjusters – ones who work for insurance companies – independent adjusters- and ones who work against insurance companies – public adjusters. Both types of adjusters can be, and often are during or after storm events, referred to as storm damage adjusters or “hurricane claim adjusters.”

There are no technical or license requirements for either type of adjuster to adjust hurricane damage insurance claims. As such, it’s wise to make certain that any adjuster working your claim has experience assessing and documenting hurricane damage.

Here are some basic guidelines to ensure your storm damage claim is being handled by an adjuster who knows what he or she is doing:

  • A bare minimum of 5 years adjusting storm damage insurance claims

  • If you have a business claim, 10 years of claim adjusting experience should be required.

  • Extra Certifications such as Haag Certifications or other industry accepted certifications.

  • A valid and printed license.

  • A mobile telephone number as well as an office number.

  • A company-generated email address as well as valid company Web site.

  • References for similar type of storm damage or hurricane insurance claims handled.

  • This information should be and can be requested from your insurance company or a public adjuster you may hire.

A public adjuster can help you determine if your insurance company adjuster paid and compensated you for all storm-related damages to your home or business. Most public adjusters will offer this type of assessment free of charge. We do!

Contact us 24/7 to request a claim analysis.