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Homes and business in central Florida suffered severe damage from gusting winds, hail, flooding from downpours, lightening, and tornadoes. As a result of the recent storms, insurance claims for repairs and rebuilding will be filed. This process can be confusing and complicated on many levels for most people.

If your home, business or personal property has suffered damages from the recent storms and you’re considering filing an insurance claim, then you may want to consider consulting with a trusted public adjuster.

“Because these were essentially ‘no-name storms’ there could be complicating issues with filing a claim, Delo, a professional loss consultant and public adjuster with over two decades of experience in the field, said.”Many individual policies with wind deductibles, typically very high, will not be applied for damages resulting from these storms.”

Request a Certified Policy

Delo added that people need to know what their standard deductible is and how to react to it in their best interest. “Get out those policies,” said Delo, founder and president of The Public Adjusters, “and go over them carefully. Determine what coverage you have and how to get the most out of it at a time like this.  Do not assume anything.” Policyholders can request a certified copy of their insurance policy from their agent or directly form the insurance company.

One item Delo pointed out is that pool enclosures are an item of debate on many Florida insurance policies.  “After the hurricanes of 2005, many insurance companies had pool enclosure coverage written out of the policies.  Unless you purchased that specific endorsement or coverage, damaged or destroyed enclosures will likely not be covered,” he said.

Mitigate Damages to Your Property

Policyholders who file a claim for storm damage have a responsibility to immediately mitigate damages to their homes or businesses. Even though you have put in a call to your insurance agent or claims department in good faith, it is still your responsibility to mitigate damages, as it could take days for your insurance company to send out an adjuster. This might involve putting a tarp over your damaged roof, boarding up broken windows or repairing other breaches to your property to be certain more damage is not incurred.  One real issue that often arises is the determination of what damage the storm actually caused and what additional damages may have been caused by the failure to mitigate following the storm.

Delo, with more than a quarter of a century of experience in helping storm victims recoup from tragedy and victimization, knows the ropes and has a remarkable reputation in the field.  The staff of The Public Adjusters is calm, collected, and courteous and will fight for you — the policy holder.

Public adjusters are licensed by the Florida Department of Insurance and the license enables adjusters to only assist individual policyholders, never the insurance company. Reputable and experienced public adjusters are experts in understanding and analyzing insurance policies, estimating the scope of damages and applying all policy coverages, all of which maximize the settlement recovery and in most cases speed up the claims process.