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Hurricane victims throughout Mississippi and Louisiana are finding relief by using public adjusters to help manage, document and settle their claims.

A public adjuster is the only type of insurance adjuster licensed by your state’s department of insurance to represent policyholders rather than the insurance company. Public adjusters are not paid up front; they receive a percentage of the settlement that they obtain on your behalf. This is regulated by your state’s department of insurance.

What is Offered vs What Should Be Paid

“In our experience, there’s a significant difference between what an insurance company offers to pay for a claim versus what they should pay,” said Ronald Delo, President of The Public Adjusters. The firm is a Florida-based public adjuster firm with operations throughout 16 states. “A trusted and experienced public adjuster will ensure the client receives every penny he or she is entitled to collect in the quickest way.”

According to Delo, homeowners and business owners have become frustrated with slow and low hurricane insurance claim settlements from insurance companies and are finding relief by using public adjusters.

“We had countless months of nothing happening, due in part by our dependence and trust that the insurance company would do the right thing,” said Mel Goldsmith, general manager of Imperial House Condominiums in Miami. “With their help, our settlement increased more than 400% of the insurance company’s offer.”

Delo warns that people interested in hiring the service of a public adjuster should ensure the firm garners strong client referrals and a proven track record.