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We Need Your Help. ACT NOW to Stop The "TWIA Bill"


Senate Bill 14 (SB14) also known as the “TWIA Bill” came out of the Senate and is currently being held in the insurance committee in Austin and a huge fight is taking place in the House regarding whether this bill will be passed or not. The insurance committee is getting a tremendous amount of pressure to move this bill. What this bill does is it provides immunity to Texas Windstorm Insurance Association for any damages beyond the policy benefits. This is a horrible bill that will harm millions of people in Texas.

In other words, there will be no penalties, interest, attorney’s fees, extra-contractual damages, anything other than the policy benefits that can be obtained in a lawsuit against TWIA by their insured. If this bill passes it will contain the most restrictive language of any windstorm policy in the entire country.

We ask that you call your state representatives, including Craig Eiland and Larry Taylor (out of League City), so your voices will be heard. Call anyone you know that might be able to help stop this bill in the House of Reps.

If this bill passes it will be detrimental to everyone who has TWIA insurance as well as their rights later on if they have to fight their insurance company in Court. It is immunity from all forms of bad faith and fraud. We need to stop it at all cost.

Please call Craig Eiland, and Larry Taylor to tell them to stop this bill. They can be reached at:

Craig Eiland, Capitol office:
 (512) 463-0502
Larry Taylor, Austin office:
 (512) 463-0729

With offices in Galveston and Houston, The Public Adjusters has Texas licensed independent public adjusters ready to assist you with your Hurricane Ike insurance claims. The fight is not over. If you have a Hurricane Ike property claim and are unsure if you recieved a fair insurance settlement for your Hurricane Ike claim, please give us a call to speak to a licensed public adjuster. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 800-572-7914.

Hurricane Ike Claims Help

With two offices in the Houston area, our firm's licensed Texas independent public adjusters and hurricane damage consultants are considered some of the top in the public adjusting industry. With over 25 years of winning experience, our firm has a time-tested track record that has garnered our clients millions of dollars in increased insurance settlements.

Did you know that in Texas you have two to four years, depending on your policy of insurance, to re-open your Hurricane Ike insurance claim? It's not too late to seek help. Whether you are in the middle of the insurance claims process and tired of the endless delays or have received an unsatisfying hurricane ike settlement or offer, you owe it to yourself to call The Public Adjusters Inc.

If we can't win you a larger settlement, you won't pay us a penny.

Our firm's licensed Texas independent public adjusters have worked every major hurricane in the Southeast United States since 1992. The Public Adjusters Inc. boasts a 100% success rate for re-opening hurricane insurance claims. Our firm will dedicate a team of experts who work solely on your behalf, crafting a customized solution for your Hurricane Ike insurance claim that will maximize your settlement.


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