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Much anticipation has been generated by the discovery of what appears to be a major oversight on the part of Texas insurance company adjusters. Hundreds of hurricane insurance claims have gone unpaid for condominium insurance claims and commercial claims resulting from Hurricane Ike damage.

The Public Adjusters, a public adjuster firm with operations in Houston, are convinced they have discovered an oversight that could result in millions of dollars not being paid for hundreds of hurricane insurance claims.

“This oversight, from what our experts have discovered, could result in millions of dollars unpaid to policyholders for their hurricane claims,” said Ronald Delo, President of the firm . “One major component compounding this situation is that the statute of limitations may have already expired in some of these cases.  In others, the statute is fast approaching.”

Commercial Claims That May Qualify

Each commercial insurance claim must be studied carefully to see if it falls into this questionable category.  The commercial claims that may have been overlooked by Texas insurers are:

  • Condominium Associations
  • Hotel/Motels
  • Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • ..and other large commercial structures

Has Your Claim Been Underpaid?

Property managers or commercial building owners who filed any type of Hurricane Ike insurance claim are urged to call The Public Adjusters corporate office for more information regarding this oversight by several Texas insurance companies.

“If you think your claim was underpaid or unfairly denied then you should have a professional thoroughly evaluate the claim and the adjustments practices of the insurance company.” The Public Adjusters is offering free reviews of hurricane claims in Texas. Contact the firm’s corporate office to request a claim review.

“We want to make certain that these particular hurricane claims were adjusted in accordance with the specific wording of the insurance policy and in a manner consistent with the accepted claims industry practices,” Delo said.