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Houston Public Adjuster Wins $30,000 Claim Increase


As a result of devastating hurricane, a Houston police officer was displaced from her home. After filing a homeowner claim with her insurance company, she found the carrier’s adjuster to be unprofessional and argumentative, even going as far as telling the officer she would have to “make do” with the final settlement offer of $11,849.42. She hired The Public Adjusters in Houston to provide claim help for her hurricane damage claim.

A team of public adjusters and property damage appraisers conducted a thorough investigation, recreating an inventory of personal property. Through a detailed claims package leveraging storm damage estimates, photo evidence and other data, our public adjuster negotiated a claim settlement of $41,316.39 – a $29,466.97 increase from the initial settlement offer – and a formal complaint was then filed against the independent adjuster for unethical conduct.

Hurricane Insurance Adjusters- On Your Side

We believe homeowners and business owners with hurricane and storm damage insurance claims deserve to have their claims assessed, adjusted and settled in a professional manner. Often times, these types of claims are not given proper consideration and attention they deserve which results in delays, unfair even settlement and denied claims.

It’s your claim. Take charge of it. If you’re a property owner with a hurricane insurance claim, our public adjusters in Houston and throughout Florida and 16 other states can help you win a fast and fair settlement.

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