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Although it has been several years since a major hurricane has made landfall in the U.S., The Public Adjusters say the US has a tendency to fall into a state of complacency or “hurricane amnesia.” Now is the time for homeowners and business owners to learn more about their property insurance policies and get prepared to file a hurricane insurance claim.

Get prepared for hurricane season by requesting a certified copy of your insurance policy,” said Ronald Delo, President of public adjusting firm The Public Adjusters. According to Delo, having a certified copy of the insurance policy on hand and ready to go is one of the most important steps a property owner can take prior to hurricane season and before the possibility of filing a hurricane insurance claim.

Tips to Prepare for Filing a Hurricane Insurance Claim:

  • Picture or video inventory of your home or business
  • Contact information for your insurance company, agent, public adjuster, general contractor and emergency roofer
  • Financial documents such as tax returns

In the event a hurricane insurance claim is filed, the burden of proof t prove damages is on the homeowner or business owner. This means it’s imperative to be prepared and proactive or relegate to accepting what the insurance company offers and when. It is never too late to understand the claims process and how a public adjuster can help you become better prepared for hurricane season. We can help.