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The recent flooding in Tampa and Pasco County has caused significant property damage to homes and businesses. Property owners will file insurance claims to help offset the costs to repair and restore their homes or businesses.

Here are 5 Tips if you have filed a water damage and flood claim:

  • File the right type of claim. Most of the “water damage” in Tampa and Pasco County resulted from a “temporary and general condition” and as such, a flood insurance claim should be filed. If you do not have a flood insurance policy through NFIP, your standard homeowner or business policy will not cover flood damage.

  • Mitigate damages ASAP. Mitigating damages means preventing additional damage to your property. Tarp roofs, begin drying out items or areas that were affected by the flood. Failure to do so could jeopardize your insurance claim.

  • Hold off on restoration. If tear out is necessary then save samples and take photographs. Do not start the repair work to your home or business until you and your insurance company have come to an agreement as to the scope or “value” of your water damage claim.

  • Request that the claim adjuster from the insurance company use diagnostic technology to document the full extent of water damage. Due to the elusive nature of water, the full extent of damage is hard to identify without the use of moisture meters and infrared cameras.

  • Contact a public adjuster in Tampa to get second opinion as to the true value of your water and flood damage claim. This will confirm if your insurance company claim adjuster is offering you an accurate and full amount, or not.

Get a Second Opinion from an Experienced Pubic Adjuster in Tampa

Many components of an Insurance claim are negotiable and the often times, claim adjusters miss-value damages and or overlook hidden or hard to find damage. As public adjusters in Tampa we can provide insurance claim help during any stage of the claim process even after claim denial or low settlement offer.

We’re available by phone 24 hours a day. Contact us for a free review of your claim and review of your damage estimates.