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If you’ve filed an insurance claim for fire damage one of the most important things you need to know is who can and who can’t negotiate your claim with your insurance company. General contractors and public adjusters by law and area of expertise provide vastly different services. Having your loss mishandled by hired help can complicate and jeopardize the insurance claim process and chances for a favorable settlement.

A public insurance adjuster represents the property owner in the preparation, documentation, presentation and negotiation of an insurance claim. These claim adjusters, in most states, are not permitted to work for a roofing company, restoration company or act as a general contractor during the course of the claim.

General contractors, roofing contractors and restoration contractors are not permitted by law to negotiate a fire insurance claim and most do not have the expertise to do so. Insurance claim adjusting is a highly specialized area of insurance and requires specific training and a valid license issued by a state agency.

If you’ve filed a fire damage claim then it’s your responsibility to prove and substantiate the damages claimed. Far before negotiations take place, most claimants quickly realize that going through the claim process is an uphill battle best suited for a professional. So how should be hired?

Fire insurance claim help can be found by consulting with and hiring an experienced public adjuster who knows how to navigate the claim process. This, coupled with a reputable general contractor, will ensure an accurate and efficient settlement and a home that is restored as quickly and soundly as possible.

If you’re searching for a public insurance adjuster or general contract be aware of:

  • Unqualified professionals – as a best practice, hire only professionals with a minimum of 7 years of experienced verified by referrals.

  • Unlicensed professionals – verify licensing and credentialing through a state agency. This is a must.

  • Pushy people – Be weary of someone who pushes you into signing a contract. Nothing is going to happen overnight during the course of a claim.

  • Demands for money – neither a public adjuster nor general contractor should demand money upfront during the insurance claim process. This should be a red flag.

Contact The Public Adjusters for more information about public adjuster services and for answers about the fire claim process. We have public insurance adjusters in Tampa, Houston, Savannah and throughout many other cities and states across the U.S. For immediate assistance 24 hours a day, call (800) 572-7914.