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Learn more about property insurance claims and the public adjuster industry by reading the posts below.

Company News

21Oct 2015

The insurance appraisal process for homeowner claims can provide relief when there is a dispute over your insurance claim’s valuation. Appraisal can be a viable option to settle a fire insurance claim, storm damage claim or any other insured loss type. Selecting an insurance appraiser will be the most important choice you make should you Read more

31Aug 2015

The recent flooding in Tampa and Pasco County has caused significant property damage to homes and businesses. Property owners will file insurance claims to help offset the costs to repair and restore their homes or businesses. Here are 5 Tips if you have filed a water damage and flood claim: Get a Second Opinion from Read more

31Jul 2015

Our office receives several calls daily from claimants needing insurance claim help for various types of property claims. Some people are ready to hire a public adjuster while others want information on how to settle their homeowner or business insurance claims on their own. Inquiries pertaining to recoverable depreciation with personal property and content items Read more

29Jun 2015

Hurricane damage claims are not always easy to decipher if you aren’t in the restoration or insurance claim industries. Too often, more questions remain unanswered than answered. It usually boils down to the two most important questions: A CNN article that noted “tornado victims could face a long haul with insurers” sheds lights on an Read more

10Jan 2012

The Public Adjusters understand that questions exist  from policy holders regarding the role and purpose of public adjusters as it relates to property insurance claims. A public adjuster is an expert of property loss adjustment who is retained by policyholders to assist in preparing, filing and adjusting insurance claims. He or she is state-licensed and Read more

23Dec 2011

“Following simple tips will help prevent unnecessary fires that are commonly sparked by holiday decorations,” said Ronald Delo, President of The Public Adjusters, a public adjusting firm based in Tampa, FL. Colorful lights, candles sitting in the windowsill and sparkling Christmas trees are staples of the holidays, but The Public Adjusters warn that these decorations Read more

23Dec 2011

More than one-third of Americans use fireplaces, wood stoves and other fuel-fired appliances as primary heat sources in their homes during the fall and winter months. The Public Adjusters, a public adjuster firm based in Tampa, FL, warn homeowners to use caution and prevent fire damage when using these types of heat sources. Heating fires account Read more

23Dec 2011

Although it has been several years since a major hurricane has made landfall in the U.S., The Public Adjusters say the US has a tendency to fall into a state of complacency or “hurricane amnesia.” Now is the time for homeowners and business owners to learn more about their property insurance policies and get prepared to Read more


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