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Claim adjusters from The Public Adjusters have mobilized throughout Texas to provide claim help for Texas wildfire victims who have suffered fire damage to their homes and businesses.

“The majority of the homes ravaged by the wildfires are considered total losses. Collecting full policy limits will still require a proactive approach and thorough documentation by property owners,” said Ronald Delo, President of  The Public Adjusters. “Knowing and understanding what the policy does and doe not afford as well as post-loss responsibilities will be important to ensure an efficient and fair claims process.”

Delo says that a trusted claim adjuster can help Texas wildfire victims better understand the claims process as it relates to their claims. His public adjuster firm, The Public Adjusters, offers this service free of charge.

Tips to Start a Wildfire Claim

  • Be proactive and request a certified copy of your insurance policy.
  • Know your contractual duties and responsibilities.
  • Start compiling your own contents estimates.
  • Get your own damage estimates from licensed general contractors.

Most insurance policies offer 35‰ above the stated policy limit for a total loss however, in order to collect the extra coverage the foundation of the claim must be documented and presented accurately. Most insurance policies clearly state the burden of responsibility in accurately documenting a claim is solely the insured’s responsibility.

To be fully compensated for a property loss, there are certain conditions which must be satisfied. Failure to neglect a post-loss responsibility can reduce settlement amounts, cause unnecessary delays and even a claim denial.Most insurance policies are dozens of pages long and contain numerous provisions and stipulations – written in technical and legal terms as well as various forms and endorsements which are constantly changing from year to year.

“I urge people to be proactive with their fire insurance claim. Ask questions of your insurance company and do not sign any work order or settlement agreement until you fully know all the benefits your policy of insurance provides and all of your options,” said Delo.

If you have a fire insurance claim and need help navigating the claims process, we can help.